Magnetic Name Tags

by Jeff on December 11, 2010

If you are considering buying name tags magnetic name tags are definitely the way to go. This is particularly the case if you are someone who works in an industry that requires name badges to be worn on relatively expensive clothing. Whether you are a sales representative wearing a suit, the owner of your own business or  someone who works in a public relations capacity that requires you to be wearing something costly, magnetic name tags are not only stylish but incredibly convenient and useful.

Why choose magnetic name tags? The primary reason is that they do not cause any damage to your clothing. Traditional name badges often used pins, safety pins or alligator clips. Pins and safety pins must be pushed through the clothing in two places leaving two holes when the pin is removed. It is easy to think that the holes would not be big enough to worry about but in some clothing, the holes that remain are quite obvious. It’s also better to simply not create this damage to your expensive clothes in the first place. Alligator clips, although an improvement, are often not much better. While the alligator clip doesn’t damage your clothing with holes, it can still leave a ribbed mark caused by the teeth of the clip. In contrast, magnetic name tags are made up from two magnets. One is attached to the name tag and is placed at the front of the clothing, whether it be a suit, shirt or dress. The other magnet is placed in the same position but on the other side of the same piece of clothing. The magnetic attraction between the two magnets is what keeps magnetic name tags in position on the clothing item. When finished with the name tag, magnetic name tags are removed by simply pulling apart the two magnets that they are made from, and once removed, there is no evidence left in the way of damage that there was a name tag there at all.

Magnetic name tags come in a wide range of different types, designs and prices to fit anyones tastes and budget. When looking at the cheaper versions of a magnetic name tag, there are primarily two choices that you can go with. The first includes clear plastic magnetic badge holders that are made up from a clear plastic sleeve with the magnet attached. This allows for a piece of either plastic or cardboard card to be slotted into the plastic sleeve. The card will have the person’s name printed on it. There are several advantages with this type of magnetic name badge. Firstly it is far cheaper than other forms of name tag. It can also be used by any number of people just by changing the card within the plastic sleeve. The main disadvantage is that it does not look very professional, particularly if you are trying to engender a sense of prosperity or wealth. They are also less robust than other types of magnetic tags.

The next set of magnetic name tags are made from plastic and are more robust. In this case the  actual name tag itself is made from plastic with the name of the person imprinted onto or into the plastic. The magnet is then attached directly to the plastic name tag. The main disadvantages of this badge is that it can only be used by one person – the person whose name is imprinted on the tag and this type of tag is more expensive than the magnetic name tags mentioned above.

From here we can go to either wood or metal magnetic name tags depending on the impression that you wish to convey. Wooden name tags are more rustic and can be used in situations that are appropriate for the use of wood, for instance, in a furniture shop. Although if the wood is of a very expensive type, then its use in a name tag can convey extreme wealth particularly if the name of its user is carved into the wood. More common are metal magnetic name tags. These too can have their name printed or engraved onto the tag and can represent a wealthy person or simply a stylish product.

Magnetic name tags also make a wonderful gift that most people would not think to give. As a result, there is a good chance the recipient will be pleasantly surprised, particularly if they are often in a situation where they need to wear a name badge. They can also be useful as a promotional gift to employees. In this case, the name tag will often have the companies logo printed on the tag so that whenever the employee wears it outside the office, it becomes a means of free advertisement.

Regardless of how or for what reasons you may choose to try out magnetic name tags, they will certainly be far more gentle on your clothing and present  you with a certain style.

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